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In Time'...

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Neil Bankhurst Photography

Last updated July 2024

Here because you want pictures of things? Or people? Or maybe even to learn to take pictures yourself?

Good news – you’re in the right place!

At Neil Bankhurst Photography we can help you with:

  • Capturing memories of your special day as ‘Precious Wedding Shots’.
    This is always affordable and we’re happy to join you anywhere from John O’Groats to Lands’ End.

  • Portraits of you or your loved ones; either from the comfort of your home or your favourite location.
    Whether you want sofa snuggles, park picnics or winter walks captured – we’ve got you covered!

  • Capturing special moments in time for you to remember and treasure.
    Wedding smiles, birthday dances, tiny baby cuddles and perfect portraits. We can’t make the moment last forever, but we can give you the next best thing.

  • Snapping professional business images as ‘Purple Aura Images’.
    We’ll make sure your website wows and your social media stands out with images that reflect the real value of the work you’re doing.

  • Training packages to take you from beginner to a professional standard.
    There’s no need for complicated jargon or expensive equipment. What we do is simple – teach you to take bloody good pictures! We can do this in person or even online via Zoom.

  • And once at that Professional level we can become your Mentor. Helping you set up and maintain your business - after all, that is what we have done and do, so why not share this passion. 

A couple of other bits you might want to know:

  • We provide payment plans at no extra cost so your bank account will like us just as much as you do.

  • You’ll get your photos on a USB stick so that you can print your images wherever, whenever and as many times as you’d like. There won’t be any annoying copyrights or watermarks, just the good stuff for you to print as you please.

  • There’s no bulk editing around here. Each picture is edited individually, so it can be treated as the masterpiece it is.

  • We’re a member of the The Guild of Photographers and The Association of Photographers. You can trust that we know our stuff, and you’re in safe hands.


My name is Neil and I am a professional photographer based in the North East of England but who travels across all of the UK capturing people at their wedding, their favourite location, carrying out baby shoots, creating portrait pictures in the comfort of their own home and much more.

I won the Theo Paphitis #SBS on Twitter as well as #KingOf Moments In Time on Twitter, I’m a supporter of many charities and a member of The Guild of Photographers and The Association of Photographers.

I was a Photographer Trainer at The Photo Academy as well as providing one to one or small group training courses across the UK.

Currently I am studying a BA (Hons) in Photography at The Northern School of Art.

My photography services are based at a location of your choice, with my creative style I bring out the unique and amazing personalities of each individual. I love capturing this in my photographs, producing bespoke images for you to treasure forever.

I once had the pleasure of photographing the late great boxing legend Ken Buchanan MBE.

I am fully DBS checked and hold full Insurance, all certificates I am happy to share with you.

As well as Neil Bankhurst Photography and Precious Wedding Shots I also own Purple Aura Images and Purple Aura Photography Agency.

I carry out documentary projects in-between all my portrait, commercial and training work also. In the past this has been capturing the River Tees and my current project will eventually be an exhibition and book; capturing the A66 road, the people using it and the businesses along this coast-to coast link.

(Established 2016)

The Guild of Photographers Registered Member - Neil Bankhurst Photography
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