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Getting You Capturing...

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Getting YOU Capturing Special Moments in Time…


Want to learn how to shoot people?

We can teach you how to shoot your wife on holiday, your employees or even your kids!

Not in THAT way! Shoot pictures!

We can deliver courses either in person (choice of 1-1 or groups) or on live sessions over Zoom. 

We make sure the classes are easy to understand and teach you the things you really want to know. No jargon, no complicated techniques, no expensive equipment – just helping you to take good pictures.

We cover everything from the complete basics for newbies, right through to top tips for those at a professional level. We can help you all the way from picking up a camera for the first time, through to getting the best professional snaps and even setting up your business.

We’ll tailor the sessions to suit you, whether you want to get into fashion portraits, weddings, products… or just getting some better holiday snaps! (No more excuses when you come home and realise someone’s head is chopped off!)

We’ll help you get those pro shots in a really short period of time and you won’t need a fancy make or model of camera. We’ll teach you to work with what you’ve got and can even point you in the right direction of the things that will help you along the way.

Our courses cover ISO, Composition, Shutter Speeds, Aperture, Equipment, Portfolio Building, Creativity, Setting up a Photography business and lots, lots more! We can tweak the sessions to suit you, and we’re always adding new bits to keep the courses up-to-date and interesting.

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So why choose Neil Bankhurst Photography Training?

  • We break down the jargon. We won’t blow your head off with fancy terms that leave you feeling left behind. We teach you the stuff you really need to know, in a way that you’ll understand.

  • Our tutors are friendly, helpful and always learning. Our job is to help you – so that’s what we’ll do! We’re always on hand for any questions or any support you might need along the way. We’ll set you tasks to complete and give helpful feedback on your images. We’re always up to date with the latest training courses ourselves, as well as being tutors for The Photo Academy – so you can be sure you’re getting the best training out there.

  • We help you create stunning photos and develop amazing portfolios. Learn in a way that suits you and gives the best results. In person, we’ll use professional models to build up your portfolio – or if you’d prefer to learn from the comfort of your own home, that’s fine too! We can advise you on what to buy (and what you don’t need!) to save you time and money along the way.

  • We cover all aspects and genres of photography – and have amazing prices too!


Start your photography journey today…

Or buy a gift voucher to give your loved one that helping hand they’ve been looking for!

All prices are for zoom or in person (North East England – for further areas an additional charge of 45p per mile will be invoiced) or a mix of both.
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ZOOM Lessons:

Bespoke one to one training or choose a great package deal for the best value.

Teaching you from the basics, all that techy stuff and gear needs as well as the turning pro package taking you up to being ready to start your own business.

Training is limited to 4 people per course, guaranteeing you plenty of time for questions and reviewing your images.

Amazing training at amazing prices - Gift Vouchers Available too !!!

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